As we know, veganism means avoiding the consumption or use of animal products. The definition includes food, clothing, entertainment, cosmetics and more. With that being said, there are quite a few people who identify as vegans but still wear leather or wool, use products that have been tested on animals, attend entertainment shows with animals like horseback riding or dolphin shows or even go to the zoos (which imprison animals under less than ideal conditions). There are even those who eat eggs, milk, and sometimes meat, when it's inside a dish (like a cake or pie), but still identify as vegans.

There is a tendency for vegans to scold and judge them. I can understand why is that, because it's outrageous, but nevertheless, I think we should leave them alone. Why? I'll explain.

Imagine the vegan rainbow of the population. In one edge, there are vegans who don't do anything that is related, even indirectly, to the exploitation of animals. At the other end of the spectrum are people who don't know about veganism, never heard about veganism, think that we own all animals and that they were created to serve us, and that there is nothing wrong with slaughtering, raping, skinning, or simply molesting them for fun. 

I think that in order to create a more vegan world, we need to expose as many people as possible to this concept by positive of a positive and full of love. The reality of animals today is difficult and not simple at all, and as a natural, every injury that I see in an animal, from relief to the most difficult, pinches my heart and makes my stomach ache, but how would you enlist in something? If they would make you connect to and believe in Him, or would they scold you for taking part in it?
Therefore, in my opinion, reprimanding those who take part, even at a partial level, or even as small as those made by Mittels Monday, is a mistake. They are close to the vegan part of the arch, and will come closer to it only through positive reinforcement. It is important to think about what we want to achieve and accordingly act - in the way that will bring us closer to the goal we set.
Be nice, and those close to veganism will be nicer


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