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*Video Transcript* - As vegans, we get to hear quite a lot of excuses from our environment to why they can not be vegans. We have to understand that even though the idea of veganism is familiar to us and it feels like it’s already an inseparable part of our lifestyle, for other people, this is really like sort of a mystery. They don't know anything about it. What we don't know tends to create a feeling of discomfort inside. The way I see it, all these excuses we hear from people about veganism are in fact, them sharing their fears. Today,...

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dealing with family, dealing with family and friends, going vegan, Social Aspect, vegan, vegan lifestyle -

One of the first lessons that we go through as vegans is the matter of setting boundaries and guiding our environment on how to treat us. As vegans, we get quite a lot of feedback about what we eat and the lifestyle we chose. Especially at the beginning of our journey, when the subject is all new for us and for our environment.If there is something people like to do is give advice, not necessarily because they're experts in the subject.So get ready to get lots of advice about your diet - protein, vitamins, minerals and all sorts of terms that most people...

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