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*Video Transcript* -In the last blog post, we talked about the fears people have which are hidden behind excuses they make to why they can not be vegans.
In today’s video we’ll talk about how to deal with those fears.So let’s dive in and cover one by one. How do we deal with those fears? 1. Fear of change As we talked about in the last post, this fear consists of three kinds of feelings that people try to avoid:Feeling Overwhelmed - People see being vegan as a very complex thing. Let’s tackle that.How do we deal with feeling overwhelmed?We don’t...

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Congratulations! You have come to this moment that you want to make this very significant change in your life and transition to a vegan diet. The fact that you have come to this moment that you want to stop your contribution to your health damage, the terrible suffering of animals, and the environmental damage done by the industries - this is an amazing step! After all, it all begins with a decision ... But now, how do you do it? Should you go overnight? or take it more gradually? Of course, there is no one correct answer for that and...

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One of the first lessons that we go through as vegans is the matter of setting boundaries and guiding our environment on how to treat us. As vegans, we get quite a lot of feedback about what we eat and the lifestyle we chose. Especially at the beginning of our journey, when the subject is all new for us and for our environment.If there is something people like to do is give advice, not necessarily because they're experts in the subject.So get ready to get lots of advice about your diet - protein, vitamins, minerals and all sorts of terms that most people...

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