Living Engine - Social Responsibility

At Living Engine, our goal is to be able to offer you quality products that are competitively priced, while still being conscious of what goes into the cost itself.  We work hard at making sure that there is no cost to our world or its inhabitants — including animals — simply for the creation of our products.

There are three main sections that we focus on when it comes to our products and the suppliers with whom we work directly.  These are:

- Vegan guarantee: As vegans ourselves, we put a lot of energy into ensuring that we don’t use any animal byproducts in our clothing and the production process itself. Our mission is to raise awareness about the vegan lifestyle and make a difference in the world and therefore we are committed to make sure we aren’t contributing to the exploitation of animals.

- Fair trade & Ethical Sourcing: We require that all manufactures and suppliers of Living Engine merchandise meet the following standards: responsible sourcing, safe and healthy working environments, reasonable hours of work, nondiscrimination policies, voluntary labor and living wages for all employees within the companies. Every step of the design and production process is carefully checked over and monitored to make sure that all of our requirements are being protected. Offering vegan, ethically made and fair trade products is not a one-time choice.  Not only do we expect our suppliers to focus on these priority points initially, they must also uphold those moral codes and ethics on a regular basis in order to keep our business.

- Eco-Friendly Process: At Living Engine we also focus on reducing our ecological footprint.  This means relying on post consumer materials whenever possible, recycling everything that we can and, of course, designing products and using packaging bags that are recyclable as well. Our manufacturers have also been chosen based on their eco-friendly practices such as using non-toxic, sustainable-produced or recycled materials which don’t need as much energy to process and also minimizing the amount of waste that is discharged at the production sites.

Constantly upgrading
We keep up to date on our suppliers and make sure that we partner with new options and opportunities as they come available.  As the world changes to allow for more good, we change with it.  All of this translates to quality products for you and reliable sourcing that helps everyone to be (and wear) the change they wish to see in the world.

Join the movement. Let’s build a better future together.